Pilgrimage Project

My favorite kind of research project is one that let’s me treat a course as a focused design studio, helps support and improve the surrounding environment (defined however you want organizational, ecological, economic, educational, etc.), and let’s me learn something worth sharing about how it all works together as model for getting things done. The Pilgrimage Project was one of those projects (the RainWorks Challenge was another).


Funded by a $25,000 grant from Georgetown’s Initiative on Technology-Enabled Learning (ITEL), the Pilgrimage Project involved four faculty from three departments, four library science and museum education professionals, 12 campus organizations, and 68 students across six courses. We worked together for over a year to produce original artworks, research, interactive installations and for one night converted Georgetown’s Old North building into a museum. It was a fascinating, challenging, and amazingly worthwhile endeavor that we will be are currently writing up for publication. In the meantime check out the Pilgrimage Project page for some details.